Special Visitors in Year 5

15th June 2022

Year 5 have been discovering what it is like to be a real life author with a published book! We were lucky enough to have been visited by local author Ruthie Dean. Prior to COVID, Ruthie was a primary school teacher in Bristol but circumstances led to her fulfil her lifelong dream of writing children’s stories. We loved the extract of ‘The Last Fidget’ that Ruthie read to us, and we can’t wait the start reading the signed copy she kindly gifted the class!

Also, the children  were very surprised that their letter to the Royal Courts of Justice requesting a Judge to hear their legal arguments as to who was responsible for the death of Karl in our Clockwork text was answered when a real-life lawyer turned up to hear them! The children were understandably nervous to begin with but were soon put at ease and did themselves incredibly proud, they were amazing - even the Barrister commented on how impressive both their arguments and presentations were. We held a Q&A session afterwards where the children asked many questions about the job and the pathway to a legal career. Future lawyers in the making.