Science at The Dean Academy

10th February 2020
A group of lucky students had an amazing opportunity to attend a FACT session (STEM Enthuse Project) at The Dean Academy. 
Jed Harding and Ben Ruscoe reported, "First we used a large bottle and we poured a small amount of chemicals into the bottle and the teacher shook it about. He then lit a splint from a burner and a large flame erupted from the bottle. It almost touched the ceiling!
Next, we used marble chips and a chemical inside a test tube. We added lime water to another test tube. Using a pipette to draw out some gas and placed it in the lime water. If the gas was carbon dioxide, the lime water would turn murky. 
For the next experiment we used a test tube which had magnesium and a chemical in. We had to place our thumb over the end of the test tube. Then  we lit a splint, removed our thumb and put the lit splint by the opening. There was a POP! 
Finally we used a purple chemical, cotton wool and a glowing splint. The chemical was poured into a test tube. The cotton wool was placed in the tube above the chemical. We added heat and the cotton wool started to burn. We lit the splint and blew it out.  The glowing end of the splint was placed over the test tube and the splint sparked back to life. These experiments taught us that we can find out is there is carbon dioxide, hydrogen or oxygen present."