Savings Club

1st September 2018

Severnbanks Savings Club

Did you know Severnbanks School run a Savings Club, for all its children? 

The way it works: 

Every Wednesday during term time, a group of volunteers come into the school to run the savings club.  We go to each class room and collect any savings money that the children might have. This can be anything from 1p upwards!  We fill in the children’s savings card (that they are given when they join), then the card gets given back to the child, with their balance to date recorded in the book for them to see.  They can also withdraw their money, by simply writing a note and handing it in on a Wednesday.

The money then gets banked and any interested earned is used by the school to fund extra equipment or anything else that’s needed.

Last year new digital cameras were purchased using the interest earned.

The Savings Club is a great way to introduce your child to the importance of saving money and also a good fund raiser for the school.

If you would like your child to join, simply put some money in an envelope with their name on and put it in their school bag on a Wednesday morning and we will do the rest.