Rights Respecting

UNICEF are focusing on an promoting an Article a week. As a rights respecting school please take some time to have a look at their website (see link below) and have a go at this week Article 24 activities. 
Updated 23rd April - another new article - have a look at Article 12. 
Update - new article on the 30th April - Article 7 . 
Update 7/5 new article - Article 14 
Update 14/5 new article - Article 28 A right to an Education
Update 28th May new article - Article 19 Demanding and freedom of information 
Update 4th June - new article - Article 42 - Knowledge of Rights
Update 11th June - new article- Article 2 - Non discrimination 
Update 18th June - new article-Article 30 - Minority or indigenous groups, culture, language and religion
 Update 25 June - new article - Article 17 - Access to information from media. 
Update 7th July - new article -Article 23 -  A child with a disability has the right to live a full and decent life with dignity, and as far as possible, independence, and to play an active part in their community.
Update 9th July - new - Article 29 -  Education goals