Remote/ home learning reminder

8th January 2021

If your child is receiving remote learning this will be set via a combination of online, email and paper based activities. On-line platforms include Tapestry for EYFS and Class Dojo in KS1 and 2. We  have booked  training on using Teams/ Office 365 to in preparation for using this.  The expectations from the Department for Education, that you may well have read about, is that in Primary Schools there is an expectation of

"Key Stage 1: 3 hours a day on average across the cohort, with less for younger children

•Key Stage 2: 4 hours a day learning per day and that of this learning, the core work will be equivalent to the English and maths teaching pupils would receive when in school."

This does not mean though that children will receive 3 hours of live learning ( if we start to offer this). Rather that there will be tasks set, with frequent and clear explanations of the new content children are learning from their class teacher or through sources such as a video, or a PowerPoint with a voice over to explain. These will sit alongside tasks pupils can do independently.  Please do not feel your child must sit for 3 or 4 hours in one session. Break up the day as much is needed. 

 At Severnbanks we  recognise having learnt from the first lockdown experience that the pressure on online services causes additional issues for families during this time, therefore, we have  made sure that the activities we have planned include a mix of online and offline tasks so that this can fit in alongside your own work patterns.

Staff will be in touch  to check in with you and your child about how they are, how they are getting on with their learning, as well as the elements that they are finding tricky and what we can do to support you at this time. Where required, support will be offered to overcome misconceptions or in the case of the work not being sufficiently challenging, again responding to this so that future work planned helps them move forward.

Please remember that the teachers are teaching in the day and if you have any learning queries please call the office and another adult will be able to help you.