Offer of Early Help

What is Early Help?
Early help is about children, young people and families getting the right help at the right time, before issues get worse.
 All children receive Universal Services however some children will need extra support in order to be healthy, safe and to achieve their potential. We want all our children and young people, including those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), to achieve the best possible outcomes and receive the support they need when they need it most. We work with agencies in Gloucestershire to provide a holistic Graduated Pathway of Early Help and Support. This pathway will enable practitioners to work with children, young people and their families ensuring they receive the right support when they need it most. The purpose of early help is to prevent issues and problems becoming serious and harmful to the child, young person, family and community. When children and families need this extra support, they need it quickly. Provision of early help support can be at all stages of a child's life; pre-birth, during pregnancy, childhood or adolescence.

At Severnbanks Primary School, staff, governors and parents work together as a team to ensure the continued improvements made over recent years are maintained and built upon.

Severnbanks School values the contribution that every child can make and welcomes the diversity of culture, religion and learning styles.  The school seeks to raise the achievement, remove barriers to learning and increase physical and curricular access for all. 

Partnership between home and school is key for your child’s success. Mrs Poole (Headteacher) and Mrs Challenger (Pastoral Worker) are available on the school gates from 8:45 and Mrs Woods (Administrator) is available in the school office.

We welcome your involvement in our school and would encourage you to get as involved as you possibly can.

The children who are most successful are always those for whom parental involvement is high and encouragement from home matches the support and learning taking place at school.

Children benefit from being supported by a positive relationship in their work, behaviour and play.  It is important that we get this right from the start and, as a result, we have a comprehensive induction for our Starlets Nursery and Reception children.  Staff will also make an appointment to meet parents of all new children on a home visit so that detailed information regarding your child’s needs can be discussed.

We recognise that children have a variety of strengths and skills and although we emphasise academic achievement we also provide opportunities for children to achieve success in other areas.  Once in school the progress made by pupils in all areas of the curriculum is a matter of concern to parents and teachers.  Parents are encouraged to take an active interest in their child’s work.  At the beginning of each term we will share on the school website a topic plan which shows the topics/themes that your child will be studying.  Consultation evenings are held in the autumn and spring terms.  An interim report is sent out in Autumn and Spring and then a full report is written in summer term which details each child’s progress in all areas of the curriculum.  If you have a concern at any point in the school year, please do not wait for the next parents’ evening; we would rather you arranged to see the teacher as soon as possible.  In turn we will do the same if something is concerning us.


Information, advice and support for parents, children, carers, practitioners and partners is available from:

Useful Parent Contacts

IPSEA (Independent Parental Special Education Advice)

A national charity providing free legal based advice to families/carers who have children with special educational needs. All advice is given by trained volunteers.

Phone: 0800 0184016


SENDIASS Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire’s parent/carer support group provides free, confidential, impartial advice and helps parents play an active and informed role in their child’s education.


Phone (free from a landline): 0800 158 3603

Phone (from a mobile): 01452 389345


Glosfamilies Directory

This online directory can help families/carers to find a lot more information about the wide range services they may need. From parenting and special needs advice to health and money worries.


Alternatively you can call the Family Information Service: 0800 542 0202


I Can

This charity can give you lots of advice and information about helping your child with their speech and language. It even has an assessment that you can do at home for your child’s speech.



The National Autistic Society

This charity gives you lots of information and advice about the Autistic Spectrum.