Oak Class - Year 2

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Our trip to Lydney Library to promote a love of learning and to explore our local library. We had a fantastic time.

World Book Day in Year 2

To begin the day we looked at a photo of a door in a wall…and asked what’s behind the door?

We all had lots of different ideas which we discussed with each other. Some of our ideas were magical, some were funny and some were scary!


Then we looked at the picture on the inside of the front cover of our book. We got into groups and predicted what might be behind that door in the garden and where it might lead. Again we had lots of interesting ideas and we write them down in post it notes around the picture.

Mrs. Jones then revealed the name of our book and we discussed whether any of our ideas were correct…some were close!

Mrs. Jones read an excerpt from the story , The Secret Garden.  It was the part where Mary Lennox first goes into the Secret Garden and what she sees.  We tried to visualise what it might look like and drew some pictures.  Then we thought about what might be in a Secret Garden that we found.  What would you like to see in a Secret Garden?


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