Monday morning

11th January 2021
Thank you to the parents whose children are in school for checking your emails this weekend and replying when needed. 
Just a reminder... 
We know the variant for Covid-19 is more transmissible and continuing to spread at a rapid rate. More people are getting ill and the death rate continues to rise. If a parent is self-isolating or has had contact with a positive case, SCHOOL MUST BE notified straight away. Please do not put the school community at risk by sending your child in. If we get a positive case in school, parents will be contacted immediately and must be available to collect their child/ren.
If you have changed your contact detail,  please inform the office asap. 
We are still hearing of instances where families are not following the current guidelines. If we believe you are putting lives at risk, we will contact you and stop your child from attending school.  As always, should you have any concerns or questions, please contact us via the admin email,  We will continue to support all our families the best way we possibly can.