Testing support

23rd March 2021
 Your local community testing centre is located at the Miners Welfare Hall, Parragate Road, Cinderford, GL14 2JN.

Covid hasn't gone away and to help keep life moving, and keep our businesses open, we all must play our part in keeping cases down. Regular testing, alongside following the rules of Hands, Face, Space remain crucial steps to keep reducing the rate of infection and protect one another.

The Miners Welfare Hall community testing centre offers free and easy, twice-weekly, testing using Lateral Flow Devices (LFDs) to detect  COVID-19 in people with no symptoms,  but who may still be spreading the virus. LFD testing is mainly for those people who have to leave the house for essential reasons, including for work or to care for others - making you and your staff eligible.

Whilst a negative LFD test does not 100 per cent mean that a person doesn't have the virus, it tends to catch people when they are most infectious, helping prevent the spread to others.

This site is one of four in the county,  located at: The Friendship Café in Gloucester, the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester, The Miners Welfare hall in Cinderford  and The Link in Tewkesbury

You will need to book an appointment to get tested, which you can do via our website: www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/community-testing<http://www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/community-testing>