Lydney Summit

9th November 2021
The Severnbanks Eco Team have successfully organised and held the first ever Lydney Climate Summit in parallel with the United Nations climate summit, COP 26, in Glasgow. Even though we had to move online at the last minute, it was a well received! We invited the local schools Aylburton, Bream, the Dean Academy, Lydney and Primrose Hill to join with us and local councillors Harry Ives and Mark Topping to discuss this important topic. Our local MP Mark Harper sent a video message for all the schools. 
We wanted to hold our own climate conference as a way of raising awareness and encouraging action amongst our school communities. Our climate is in crisis. At this time, there are 415.19 parts per million of atmospheric CO2 – the highest ever. This CO2 level has grave consequences if we do not make changes.  We all have a duty to lead our schools and homes in reducing our own carbon footprint.
Each school made a presentation which included poems, non-chronological reports, songs and letters. We then made our own school pledges. Congratulationsto Georgina and Charlie in year 5 who were chosen from KS2 to read their wonderful letters to Boris Johnson at the summit. Congratulations also to Theo in year 6 who wrote an outstanding poem which made a thoughtful ending to the meeting. As y6 leaders of the Severnbanks Eco Team, Louis and Kasey-Mai were excellent presenters and ran the whole event - well done!
Our school pledge is to plant more trees - one of our best ways to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. We are well on the way to complete this as we already have 15 trees coming from the Woodland Trust to plant in November 2021 and also our class conker competition too! 
The local councillors were very impressed by the commitment and understanding about what a grave crisis this is. They felt that our 2 letters should be sent to Boris Johnson as soon as possible. 
Watch out for more of the Eco Team events and competitions this year! If you have any more ideas, please speak to your class Eco Team members.