Welcome to the Severnbanks Local Academy Committee Section.

Our Local Academy Committees play a vital role in the life of our schools.  If you would like to get involved, please contact us.

If there is anything you would like to discuss with your Local Academy Committee please contact us via the Clerk;, or via the school reception (01594  842789).


 The Local Academy Governors


The Local Academy Governors have a responsibility for delegated matters concerning Severnbanks school; including the upholding the ethos of the school, promoting ties with the outside community, maintenance of the buildings and appointment of staff. The Local Academy Committee meet at least once a term. 

Agenda & minutes are available on request.

The Local Academy Committee represents Severnbanks school within the wider Severn Federation Academy Trust. 


Some responsibilities are outlined below; this list is not exhaustive. Please read the Terms of Reference for the full list of committee responsibilities:

  • Ensuring accountability.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the schools progress.
  • Monitoring safeguarding procedures within the schools.
  • Monitoring and promoting links between the school, parents and local community.
  • Ensuring the highest possible standards are set, achieved and maintained in the schools.
  • Ensuring pupils spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development is nurtured.
  • Ensuring the well-being of pupils, staff and families is supported. 
  • Have a role in the appointment senior members of staff including the Headteacher.


Whilst the governors are always open to ideas and opinions they are not primarily responsible for:

  • Discussing the individual needs of pupils (please contact your child's teacher for this).
  • Complaints/concerns about staff (this should initially be addressed to the Headteacher).
  • Fund raising and social events (this is run by the Friends).
Composition of the Local Academy Committee
Governance Type
Headteacher 1 1 0
Staff 1 1 0
Parent 2 2 0
Co-opted 3 2 1
Roles & Responsibilities of Committee Governors