2021 Clubs

New clubs for this year :
Stay and play - Reception and Year 1
Busy hands
Sports- multi 
Mindful colouring 
In science club, we completed a boat building challenge! We watched the short episode of crafting boats with Science Max on You Tube first, then made our own using tinfoil. We tested each one to see if it floated and how many baking beads it could hold before sinking.   Congratulations
 to Lacey who was the overall winner, her boat held 278 beads! 
The science club were investigating non-newtonian fluids! We found these to behave like liquid until we applied any force where it acted like a solid! You can make your own using cornflour or custard powder. 
We watched this You Tube video from the children's TV show Brainiac to see just how you can walk over custard!
Science club completed a STEM activity - Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. We created our own hexaflexagons using a row of equilateral triangles. 
Yoga club has started. Caroline, a trained yoga instructor, taught the children the first few well know poses. 
They learnt downward dog, cobra, butterfly and others. It is a very calming, relaxing and mindful time.