Hazel Class - Year 3

First day back and all settled into our new Y3 classroom.
Take a look at our learning
English- Creakers  by Tom Fletcher. Miss Ridgers reads to us everyday . We love listening to the story.  Term 2 - we  read Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura.  Term 3 we are going to be reading Belonging by Jennie Baker. This book  is all about looking through the window of a house, a city street gradually becomes a place to call home as the inhabitants begin to rescue their street by planting grass and trees in the empty spaces. Year by year, everything begins to blossom... Belonging explores the re-greening of the city and the role of community, the empowerment of people and the significance of children, family and neighbourhood in changing the urban environment for the better.
Term 4 read Lights on Cotton Rock . 
 Term 5, Year 3's focussed text is Egyptian Cinderella . This Egyptian spin on the classic Cinderella tale was initially recorded in the first century by a Roman historian and is retold here by folklorist Shirley Climo.
Term 6, We are reading Tales of Gods and Goddesses. This book is full of mystery and adventure, the stories of the Egyptian pharaohs and their ancient gods are steeped in thousands of years of history. From the creation myth to the curse of Tutankhamen and the fall of Cleopatra, Marcia Williams' classic comic strip retellings bring new life to the myths and wonders of this ancient civilization.
Y3 bubble sports day. It was lovely to be outside and enjoying sorts with our friends. 
Science.  Y3 had a fun and practical learning for their science today. The children enjoyed making their own fossils and then being palaeontologists by trying to guess the animals that their peers had made.
Recently The Year Three children enjoyed learning about our skeletal structure. The children were able to name the different bones in our bodies. The children learnt new terminology, such as; humerus, ulna, pelvis, femur, fibula and tibia. 
PSHE and Wellbeing: 
The Year 3 children enjoyed recognising and labelling different emotions. The children were encouraged to use both adventurous vocabulary and to understand the variation in our feelings. 

This term children we are developing our  knowledge of Hinduism whilst answering the following question -

Would celebrating Divali at home and in the community bring a feeling of belonging to a Hindu child?

This week we have been learning about Rangoli patterns. 
The children in Hazel Class have really enjoyed applying their mass knowledge with our Easter baking activity. The children took it in turns to weigh the different ingredients and read the scales to check for accuracy. The children were also using their understanding of instructions to help them follow the recipe and collectively, as a team, take each step and if the smell is anything to go by, the children have made some delicious biscuits.
Maths learning, the children loved going on angle hunts in our classroom. The children used both right angle checkers and protractors to measure different angles and were beginning to use their mathematical vocabulary when describing the angles that they had found, such as,  acute, obtuse and degrees. 
Term 5 the children loved working together to make 3D shapes using cocktail sticks and marshmallows. This activity helped the children to name the different shapes and some of their properties. 
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