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16th March 2021
Hairy Phonics 1 and Chimp Fu are now FREE! 
 Hairy Phonics 1 and Chimp Fu Apps are now FREE in celebration of DYS Aware week 2021. Hairy Phonics 1 will be free on iOS and Android from 15th of March to the 21st of March! Chimp Fu will be free on iOS from the 15th of March to the 15th of April!
The Nessy apps are designed for pre-school and primary school kids, ages 3-8 years old. They teach: 
  • Foundational Phonics with consonant digraphs and vowel digraphs
  • Syllable Division 
Hairy Phonics 1!
Hairy Phonics graphic
Learn the beginning phonics with Hairy Phonics 1!
  • After learning the letters, learn how they work together as consonant digraphs (two letters that come together to make one sound). 
  • Master this and other early phonics with the Haries! 
Chimp Fu! 
Chimp Fu Graphic
Learn syllable division with Chimp Fu! *Free on iOS.
  • Master the art of syllable division and karate chop your way to the top!
  • Video learning strategies explain the rules of syllable division.
  • Chunk longer words into syllables, making them easier to read and spell.