Forest School

  • Mrs P Johnson

    Forest School Leader

  • Mrs A Willetts

    Forest School Assistant

At Severnbanks we have a woodland area in the school grounds which the children use throughout the year. This enables the children to enjoy the natural world in a safe and supported way

The children are encouraged to be:-

  • Curious
  • Solve problems
  • Independent
  • Respect each other and the environment

We aim to raise each child’s self esteem and confidence

AIMS OF THE ACTIVITIES The practical activities enable the children to experience each area of the foundation stage within a stimulating environment

AIMS OF SESSIONS :The children will spend one afternoon each in the woodland area taking part in planned activities During the sessions the children work as a group, but also have time to be curious independent learners 

Each child is supported in their interests and discoveries. Seasonal changes and the weather is a strong influence on the sessions and the children are encouraged to notice these changes and make the most of these learning opportunities.


Blackberry Picking and Ink Making