February 2018

26th February 2018

Questionnaire Actions

Where parents have signed the questionnaire and had a concern they have been contacted and spoken to either by the teacher or Mrs Howell to discuss and resolve their concerns.

Classes all have in place on line platforms: Tapestry at EYFS  / DoJo from Y1 – Y6 – where children’s work / pictures from home are shared. This is also used as a home/school communication platform.

If any parent has a concern regarding their child, school policy or in need of pastoral support please contact either the class teacher, Mrs Woods, Mrs Challenger or Mrs Howell. We need to work together to support your child and continue to make Severnbanks School the best that it can be.

Regarding some peoples concerns about behaviour at the school. I can assure you that positive behaviour for learning, break times and manners are extremely important to us at Severnbanks School.

Behaviour is closely monitored and where there is a concern parents are contacted to address the issue and together work to resolve this.