Reception - Sycamore

In Reception I will learn...
Welcome to the new children in Reception. We have been welcoming in groups into setting and getting to know the pupils. What a great start to the school learning journey.
We have been exploring our new setting.
We had a special visitor. Our friendly PC- PC Tom came in to say hello. 
ENGLISH  Term 1 - Our special books for this term are The Gruffalo- we will take a walk further into the deep dark wood, and discover what happens when a quick-witted mouse comes face to face with an owl, a snake . . . and a hungry Gruffalo! 
Goldilocks and The Three Bears - A fairy tale. Goldilocks was always told, "Don't go into the forest. It's full of big scary bears." But Goldilocks went into the forest anyway... 
Term 2 - Our special books are Owl Babies, One Snowy Night and The Christmas Story. 
Term 3
Term 4
Term 5 
Investigating and exploring shape and patterns.   We have also been using Numicon to recognise numbers and subitize.
We celebrated international dot day! 
We also celebrated Chinese New Year. We used chopstick and tried Chinese food.
Exploring our outdoor area. We also have planned Wonderful Wellies sessions in our school grounds. 
We went to the school gym. We used the space to move and explore.
In February we took part in Football week and had an external football coach visit and train us! 
EYFS have started their weekly yoga sessions. It is time to relax, unwind, find our core strength and be mindful. 
To support the children's learning in reception,  PC Tom came to visit. He talked about how Police can help us all. He then showed them his car and they even got to have the lights and siren sounding.  A huge thank you to PC Tom.
Firework patterns 
Tiger drawing, painting