Elm- Year 3

First day back and we are all settled into our Y3 classroom.
Take a look at our learning...
Listening to our teacher read and enjoying our class book -
Term 1 Year 3 are reading the Happiness tree. This story encourages children to explore the natural world, to venture into the outdoors in search of those special trees and mesmeric places that fill our hearts and souls with joy and experience the pleasure and happiness. The Happiness Tree is a  story of a little girl who, with the help of a special creature, breaks a wicked witch s spell and brings happiness back to the world. It is easy to envision a world overrun with waste and litter, oceans teaming with plastic, skies filled with smog and smoke and rivers permeated with pollution. In this story a terrible witch uses waste and pollution to cast a hideous spell which destroys all the happiness in the world. The spell is broken when an adventurous young girl meets a new friend who leads her to a magical tree.  
PSHE and Wellbeing: 
The Year 3 children enjoyed recognising and labelling different emotions. The children were encouraged to use both adventurous vocabulary and to understand the variation in our feelings. 
We took our learning outside. Miss Cullinane read a story and we acted the story out. We discussed how the story made us feel and how the words describe the emotions with out actually telling us them. 
Art - Year3 have been experimenting with water colour washes. 
Year 3 have been comparing numbers. Looking at great than/ less than and ordering numbers. We are mathematicians. 
Our Class Charter 
In Year 3 I will learn...