10th October 2019
As a follow up from the parent's meeting here is some more information for you to help support your child with doodle homework.
How do we use Doodle at Severnbanks?
Homework in Key Stage 2 is set through 'Doodle'.  
It can be accessed using a laptop/computer ( or via the apps. The apps are free to download. The idea of Doodle is to challenge children at their own pace.
It will give them a range of activities to complete from which they can earn doodle stars.
Children are expected to access the apps to reach the set target of 50 stars each week.  When appropriate, Doodle homework will be set on a Thursday linked to what children have been learning in school.  
This must be completed before children's '5 a day' is unlocked.
How can I support my child with Doodle?
It is important that parents DO NOT help with answering questions.
As it is a smart app, it will adjust the difficulty level according to how well children do - helping them can make it too difficult too soon!
Doodle will adjust questions according to the need of you child and will revisit and revise questions for fluency. Some find that the first week of questions can be a bit tricky but this is to help set a baseline of the type of questions your child needs.
Please support them with reading and understanding the questions only and not how to answer them.
There are a range of help options, such as 'Hints', if your child needs support at any point.  There is also a sound button so that questions can be read aloud
How can I access Doodle?
While Doodle Maths can be accessed through the app or on a laptop/computer, Doodle Spellings, Doodle Times Tables and Doodle English can only be accessed using the downloadable apps.
How can my child 'hand-in' their homework if it is online?
Every time your child logs in to Doodle and gains stars, it is recorded in a table which teachers check weekly. It also pinpoints areas your child may be finding difficult and allows us to work together to help your child become more confident in this area of learning.  In this way, it is a very smart way of marking as it will adapt tasks to support them.
Please remember, Doodle is a quick and accessible way of helping children to learn.  Each 'Doodle' should take approximately 5 minutes to complete.  Little and often really is the key to making real progress.
Thank you for your support.