Birch Class - Year 4

First day back and all settled into our new Y4 classroom.
Take a look at our learning
English- term 1 we are reading The Sound of Silence by Katrina Goldsaito and The Lost Words. The sound of silence is about the main character Yoshio thinking Tokyo sounds like a symphony hall! He delights in everyday sounds--shoes squishing through puddles, raindrops pattering down, and lots of giggles! But one day he meets a musician who tells Yoshio that her favourite sound is ma, the Japanese word for the sound of silence. Yoshio must hear this! But how can he find it amid the hustle and bustle of the city?  

The Lost Words  highlights the disappearance of wild childhood. It is a celebration - in art and word - of  nature and its wonders. With acrostic spell-poems, this book evokes the magic of language and nature.
Times tables- practise little and often really helps. Please sue your doodle times tables and to support more you could try TT rockstars. 
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Class Charter - we started the year developing and agreeing our Class Charter. We also practised our best handwriting with the Poem 'I Keep Six Honest serving men'.

As part of our topic work this term, we wrote our own biographies all about Alexander Graham Bell. Using different media types we firstly researched many interesting facts about his early life, ambitions and successes. After that, we practised organising other biographies so that we were able to spot the different features as well as understand how the information is organised. Please look at part of this journey below.

PE/ Dance
Year 4  have been participating  in a 5 week dance workshop programme. They learnt street dance and will explore other dances over the weeks.
Black history month started October 1st. We learnt about famous black people in history in assembly and had a samba workshop. 
PC Tom visited year 4 to talk to children about being good citizen. 
We have been learning all about observational drawings whilst paying attention to the size and shape or fruit before building up different tones and textures.
Keep up to date with news from around the world.
In Year 4 I will learn...