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Mrs Poole found the book Trying by Kobi Yamada. The story links well to the our value of Resilience. The boy in the story learns that is it ok to fail and that failure is not something we should be sacred of. We should learn from our mistakes. 
Celebration assembly. Every week KS1 and Ks2 have celebration assemblies. We celebrate being Star who Shine! It could be for learning, behaviour, demonstrating the terms value or any other super star reason. We also celebrate pupils out of school's achievements. Article 29 
Road safety assembly- to ensure all pupils know how to cross safely. 
Harvest festivals. 
This year is has been a little different. We split into two groups and each class performed their celebration to Harvest. 
We were all very thankful for the food donations. The donations will be shared between the food bank in Lydney and the local Samaritans. 
Anti bullying week 15th November 21 
We started the week with an assembly. We focused on being kind and the theme was One Kind Word. Though out the week we will celebrate kindness and work the children complete about the anti bullying message. 
Thank you to Anti Bullying Alliance for their amazing resources. 
We have been learning about EQUALITY in assembly. 

Equality is:

  •  understanding that everyone is different but that we are all people;
  •  knowing that everyone has the right to be treated fairly;
  •  treating others with respect.
"We discussed how things should be fair and we should not discriminate against people. When I see you through my heart I know we are the same."  Dr Zantama. 

Doe Zantama is an author and illustrator. We thought about what this quote means to us. 

Our final thought was: 

Remember, equality is when we make sure that everyone is treated fairly. It doesn’t mean that everyone has to be treated the same.