Ash Class - Year 4

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Year 4 participated in an enrichment day.  The class took part in Sporting activities for the Tokyo Olympics. The children had experience of archery, shooting, fencing and javelin. In teams they competed to see who could total the highest scores. 

Year 4 had the fortune of being visited by a professional harpist (somebody who plays a harp) today. We started the session by being introduced to this unusual musical instrument, including all of the pedals that are often not seen when it is played. Next, Ash class learnt about the term ‘dynamics’ – a term used to refer to the volume of a piece of music and how it can change throughout. Some of the children in our class were invited to become class conductors, playing vocal games to reinforce our understanding of dynamics in music. We were then able to listen to and react to a piece of music, thinking carefully about how music can tell a story. At the end of the session, we were treated to a short performance in which we heard folk songs like ‘Scarborough fair’ and familiar films from Disney films such as ‘a whole new world’ from the movie Aladdin.

Please learn your times tables- look at the video below see how fast you could be! 
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ENGLISH - We love listening to the class book.  Term 2 we read Who Let the Gods Out by Maz Evans - It was out of this world... 
Term 3 we are reading Voices in the Park by Antony Brown- the books is told through four different voices and four versions of the same walk in the park. This book explores many key themes, such as alienation, friendship and the bizarre amid the mundane. Term 4 we will be reading and focussing on the book Black Dog. We will also be reading Tiger, Tiger to help us with our history topic. 

Term 5 - We are reading Tiger, Tiger a compelling story about friendship, brotherhood and battling against the odds.

In Ancient Rome Caesar is almighty and his power is played out in the gladiatorial arena, where animals and men are baited, challenged and destroyed.


Term 6 - We are reading Running on Empty an award winning book.

'AJ's grandfather has always been the one to keep his unusual family together, so when he dies things start to unravel at the edges. AJ is worried about his parents but they don t really seem to notice. In order to deal with his grief and to keep his anxiety at bay, AJ does what he and his grandfather did best: running. Round and round the Olympic Park, aiming for the cross country trials, running to escape, AJ only seems to be heading ever closer to disaster. Running On Empty is a beautiful book about false starts and emotional journeys, with hope as the ultimate finishing line. From the author of Little Bits of Sky.  ' 

In Science this term our topic is Changing state. This involved us looking at the 3 states of matter – solids, liquids and gases. Once we established which of these groups a number of items belong to, we looked at how some forms of matter could change between the three states. We used water to discuss the cooling process, showing that liquids have a freezing point (the temperature at which the liquid becomes a solid) and their melting point (the temperature at which a solid becomes a liquid). Knowing this, we then looked at how liquids can become gases and vice versa. We used a kettle to boil the liquid (water) and produce water vapour. Yet, alternatively how this vapour could be returned to its liquid form by cooling it. This helped us understand the terms reversible and irreversible when thinking about the matter changing states through heating and cooling.  
For Computing this term, we have linked it to our writing, creating word processed documents of written work from in the classroom. While doing so we learnt about formatting and justifying text, inserting and formatting tables and looking at how to give the best layout within a document. We also looked at how to use the spell-check feature, while correcting text on the go with the assistant tool kit.  
Our Art has also followed along the side of the Romans where we studied Roman pottery, and created our own design based on traditional patterns and pictures depicted by the Romans. Another form of artwork popularised by the Romans was the art of mosaics. We investigated and discussed the skill involved, and the importance that they played within Roman society, then created our own patterns using grid paper to imitate the nature of each mosaic tile. 

We have focused on the Roman Empire in History this term, looking at when and how the empire began, and the vast coverage that they conquered. Following this we learnt about Roman roads, which enabled the Romans to continue to expand their territory through quick and easy transfer of people and goods. Following on from this invention, we moved on to another famous Roman invention – the aqueduct and why it was so important to the Roman civilisation. Another Roman invention was the bath house, so we looked at how important this was as a part of everyday Roman life. We studied artefacts, pictures and videos to learn about how an average Roman may go about their day, but then looked closer at the society which they lived within. We took a closer look at how the lives of a slave; a citizen and a senator/emperor would have been different. 


In Math we have been learning about Measures. We have looked at measuring length, mass and capacity. To do so we had to investigate what measures were used for each of the different topics. Once we knew which measures to use, we learnt how to convert between the units, for example 100cm = 1m. Once we were happy with the units of measurement, we then looked at real life situations, involving measuring the mass of objects in the classroom or estimating the capacity of a selection of jugs. For each measure we chose appropriate equipment to help us with our measures. Finally this term, we used the measures to solve word problems with more than one step and even began to write our own problems using diagrams to explain our thinking.  
This morning we have been enjoying our learning through a STEMWorks 'Robot workshop'.

We have explored what a robot is and have made our own chicken robots and cat robots with lots of different movements, sounds and lights.

We are about to code/programme our cat robots so we can have our very own Strictly Come Dancing robot competition.
Jigsaw this term has been about keeping ourselves healthy – Healthy Me. First, we discussed physical and mental health, and looked at ways to maintain our mental health when thinking about friendships and groups that we belong to. We have also discussed smoking and alcohol in order to understand the dangers they pose, especially at a young age. We also looked at making good choices even when faced with peer pressure, relating this to alcohol and smoking
In French this term we have been thinking about the typical food and drink that would be eaten around breakfast time. We discussed possible menus and tried to make sense of the language using our previous French knowledge. We started off by looking at a variety of drinks, both hot and cold. Then when we were more familiar with the language started to discuss how we would order them at a café. This then progressed in to ordering food alongside your drink to make the breakfast of our choice.  
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