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Uniform Pop-up Shop!

If you would like support with school uniform, help is at hand!

Severnbanks has a helpful pop-up uniform shop run by the PTFA, which is a great source of clothing.

Please contact the office to find out more about the range of quality, new-to-you items.

We are here to support everyone, even more-so with the increase in the cost of living and clothing.

There are two suppliers of Severnbanks uniform:    



PMG Schoolwear.  

Both are online ordering

 At various times a used uniform sale is held in school where items are sold at very reasonable prices; these will be sweatshirts, cardigans, coats etc only items with the school logo on.

Children are expected to come to school each day dressed in suitable clothing.   Jeans, football shirts, other sports tops and brightly patterned shirts are not considered to be appropriate clothing for school.    Should you need any help with ordering items, please ask at the school office.

There will be occasions when children are invited to wear 'non school uniform' and you will be informed of these.


Girls Uniform  

Plain blue or white blouse or polo shirt

Black, grey or navy blue skirt/trousers or pinafore dress (not denim)

Jade coloured 'Severnbanks Primary School' sweatshirt or cardigan

Black shoes or flat-heeled sandals in the summer

Boys Uniform  

White school polo shirt or white shirt

Black, grey or navy blue trousers (not denim)

Jade coloured school sweatshirt

Black shoes


Boys and girls


Plain white T-shirt
Black or navy shorts
White, black or navy socks
Black daps (plimsolls, pumps)