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Children with Social, Emotional, and Mental Emotional Health can display signs of this in a variety of different ways, some may be withdrawn and prefer to be alone, whilst others may be hyperactive and find it difficult to when concentrating on tasks.

For some children, their emotional needs may impact their learning. For example, they may not be able to follow requests such as to sit still with arms folded or stay quiet during lessons. It is important that children with SEMH needs are able to learn in an environment that suits them, for example, they may need to take regular movement breaks, use fidget items, and be given opportunities to move around the classroom or school whilst learning

Children with SEMH needs may have anxiety. This may be reduced by providing clear routines and explanations of what to expect each day. Children with anxiety may also benefit from being provided with a calm space to go to whenever they need it.

Some useful websites:

For low level anxiety - you can sign your child up for it's free for children who live in Gloucestershire!

For support for parents or children who have a range of anxiety or needs, can support with parenting tips or 6-8 sessions of low-level therapy.