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Learning 1

Term 1 we read Pig Heart Boy as a text to support our learning. In science, we learnt about the heart and circulatory system.

   The children enjoyed writing in role, non-fiction writing and presenting their work orally. The children enjoyed the hands-on experience with hearts. 

We are Scientists in term 1. We studied the circulatory system.


The children made replica blood whilst learning about what makes up the blood and how it travels around the body. 


 We are scientists 

In science year 6, electrical circuits. The children investigate circuits and represent them in diagrams. They learn the effects of conductors and insulators. They also explore how to change components in the circuit eg make bulbs brighter.  

Term 3 In science, we have been investigating how light travels and using tubes to understand how it only travels in straight lines - we were only able illuminate the object we were lighting when the tube was straight. When we curved it, the light couldn't travel around the bend and so the object was not illuminated.



We are mathematicains 

We have been working really hard on rapid recall, fluency and the 4 operations. We moved on to fractions, where we realised that we needed to know our multiplication facts. 



We are artists. 

Making your voice heard was the topic for the art.  The children looked at Mayan symbols to modern day street  art. They considered how artists convey messages, imagery, symbols, mark-making  and 'Chiaroscuro' (light and dark).  The classes created their own powerful messages/ art to make their voices heard. 



Term 3 Installation Art 


Black Wall Art