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At Sevenbanks we use a text enhanced approach to learning. In year 3 used the text The Stone Age Boy.

This text was chosen to support and engage the pupils in learning about the history of the Stone Age, rocks in science and cave drawings in art using their painting skills. 
The text supported the children in writing instructions, letters and sequencing their story writing.





We are authors. 



We are artists.  We created prehistoric cave paintings using our drawing skills and paining techniques. 


 Lights on Cotton Rock links very well to our Science topic of light! 

D.T  We are designers.

The children looked at fruit from around the world. They found out where food originated from and how it is transported. Following on, the children made their own fruit kebabs, using strawberries, bananas, watermelon and a drizzle of honey. These were then grilled and the children all had a go at tasting the yummy kebabs.


We are reading The Egyptian Cinderella and The Ancient Egypt Sleepover.  We are enhancing our knowledge and understanding and being Historians



We had a fantastic visit from Andy Seed. We were lucky to have an Egyptian workshop. Andy Seed has written many books based on history and today, introduced us to his book ‘The Curse of the Tomb Robbers’ based on Ancient Egypt. Both Year 3 classes have a copy of the book to explore in their classrooms. Andy also showed us the replica coffin he has made based on his Ancient Egypt research and knowledge. We have a copy of the book in class which we will enjoy exploring together over the coming weeks.




Summer 2 sees the classic text Charlotte's Web being read and a stimulus for great writing. 

We are scientists. We learnt about the human body and labelled the bones of the skeleton.    

We are athletes.  In PE were have learnt more passing and receiving skills/ invasion and defence skills. 



We love learning French. We are linguists. We learnt the names of fruits and used these in sentences. We then had a fruit party but had to ask for fruit in French. 


We have been learning to add shapes and objects to documents. We save and edit our work.