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Class Assemblies

Year 6 pupils presented to parents and the school their learning from term 1. The children spoke clearly and informatively about the circulatory system.  They demonstrated their scientific knowledge and understanding and had fun. The parents were impressed with their use of scientific vocabulary. 



 Year 5 presented to their parents, their learning around mountains and their brass musical talents. Year 5 have been having whole class brass sessions for the last 10 weeks and the progress they have made is incredible. The sessions were provided by Gloucestershire Music Academy.  It was also a pleasure to welcome Lydney Brass Band representative who invited the children to continue their brass journey with them.  



Year 4 proudly showcased their learning to their parents and carers. They taught their adults the French they had learnt and science. The adults were surprised as to how much they had learnt about solids, liquids and gases. 



Year 3 were excited to celebrate their French learning with their parent and carers. They have learnt such a great deal since starting French in September. The songs sung were fantastic, as were the conversations clearly spoken. 


Year 2 assembly was a treat for parents and carers alike. The pupils demonstrated their learning and knowledge of the Great Fire of London. What clear voices they used and how well they engaged their audience. 


Year 1. Wow, we had an audience that could fill the Albert Hall! Year 1 presented their learning about Florence Nightingale and also their talents playing the violins. What great musicians, historians, mathematicians and authors they showed us they could be. Clear voices and singing too! 




Reception class 

Well done to reception class who presented their learning about Africa to the whole school and their parents and carers. What a great achievement for all children to stand up, speak, sing and smile the whole time.