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Mrs Poole found the book Trying by Kobi Yamada. The story links well to our value of Resilience. The boy in the story learns that it is OK to fail, and that failure is not something we should be sacred of. We should learn from our mistakes.

Celebration assembly. Every week KS1 and Ks2 have celebration assemblies. We celebrate being Star who Shine! It could be for learning, behaviour, demonstrating the terms value or any other super star reason. We also celebrate pupils out of school's achievements. Article 29 

Harvest festivals. 

This year is has been a little different. We split into two groups and each class performed their celebration to Harvest. 

We were all very thankful for the food donations. The donations will be shared between the food bank in Lydney.

We have been learning about EQUALITY in assembly. 

Equality is:

  •  understanding that everyone is different but that we are all people;
  •  knowing that everyone has the right to be treated fairly;
  •  treating others with respect.

"We discussed how things should be fair and we should not discriminate against people. When I see you through my heart I know we are the same."  Dr Zantama. 

Doe Zantama is an author and illustrator. We thought about what this quote means to us. 

Our final thought was: 

Remember, equality is when we make sure that everyone is treated fairly. It doesn’t mean that everyone has to be treated the same.  link

Welcome back assembly Sept 23 - We thought about our dreams and hopes for this year. We discussed how we are going to SHINE and be STARS. 

We read the book Maybe by Kobi Yamada see the link below . We are all special and need to brave and resilient to reach our dreams.

Being kind assembly

Mrs Golledge led an assembly today and it was all about Being Me and kind to others. The volunteers showed how we can not take unkind words or actions back once they are said/ done.  This was modelled through every time something unkind could be said or done paint was squirted out of the tube. The children were then asked to get all the paint back in the tube!!! 

Zones of regulation

We reminded ourselves about how we can self regulate and understand how we feel. We had an assembly on the Zones of regulation to remind us for the start of September 23.


The value for term 1 and 2 is Resilience . Children were reminded about what this means and how we can build resilience. 

Rights Respecting Assembly

We have started the term focussing on Article 28 A Right to an Education. We discussed why we come to school. Why do we need an education and moved onto what our aspirations are for the future? 

We also discussed if it is our right to have an education what would be our responsibility.   

We had an incredible visitor today, Cain and his assistant Helen. They represented Racing through Barriers of Disability. We are raising awareness in school regarding equality, disability, inclusion and breaking down barriers. Cain suffers from cerebral palsy. Cain uses an AAC devise to speak and showed the children how resilient he is.
We tried to write with out our hands or some got to eat a yogurt !
We really tried to understand how Cain tries to overcome barriers to carry out everyday tasks.

10th October 23 

World Mental Health and Young Minds Matter assembly. We talked about the importance of being well and mindful. Also, we are not alone. 

See PPT for link to YMM website.

10th November 23

In the assembly we thought about remembrance. We recapped why we remember. The head boy/girl and deputies are representing our school in the remembrance parade. 

13th November 23 

We looked at and thought about Diwali.  See PPT below.

13th November 23  Additional assembly 

The assembly focus was anti-bullying week. The KS2 children talked about what bullying is. The discussion addressed online and in-person bullying. Over the week, there was an emphasis on what we could do to help each other and that bullying would not be tolerated. 

20th November 23 

We looked at the value Respect ready for next term. We thought about respecting ourselves and respecting others. What does it mean to be respectful? 

27th November 23

We recapped the value of honesty and what it means. The children were excellent when identifying how it felt to be honest and why honesty is the best policy.  Never be afraid of the TRUTH!  The children joined in with the Boy Who Cried Wolf story and reflected on why the villagers did what they did! 

Be honest even if it makes you feel uncomfortable. 

28th November  23

Mrs Golledge with the school council, decided an online safety assembly would help support the work we have already carried out in school and the anti-bullying work week. The children are very knowledgeable as to how to be safe online but were shocked at some of the age limits for apps.  The whole of KS2 agreed they knew how to safe that they need to practise their knowledge whilst at home and online. 

1st December 23 

We focussed on the importance of reading and books even in modern times. We discussed where a book can take you... 

Reading is a wonderful activity – it can teleport people to different countries, lands, planets or even galaxies, all while improving their current mental state and long-term well-being. And it does not even require hours of your time every day.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.” — Dr. Seuss

We started term 3 by looking at our value - Respect. 

We thought about what the word RESPECT meant and how we show respect and who/ what for. 

We also held an assembly on Responsibilities - as this links. We thought about where we use this word around school and what it means to us in everyday life.  What does it mean to take responsibility? 

I'll Do IT   Click on the link to see the Read Aloud Book!. 


Speak Out, Stay Safe Campaign 

29th January 23 the school is participating in the Speak out Stay safe programme. Speak Out, Stay Safe campaign. EVERYONE across the school will be taking part in a Speak Out, Stay Safe assembly.

Year 6 children will have a workshop run by the NSPCC volunteers. ALL Key Stage 2 children will be taking part in an online questionnaire.

This is also linked to Rights, Respect and Responsibilities... 

All children have the right to:

Speak out to a trusted adult
Be safe
Get help when they need it
The PPT for the 29th Jan assembly is below ... 
11th March 24 We have been learning about Ramadan in our whole school assembly. We looked at how this Ramadan and Eid are celebrated.  We discussed that we do not have to give grand presents or gifts that being with our family is a great gift to have! 
Red Nose Day March 24 
Please see PPT below 
Alyburton and Lydney Scouts.
18th March we had a presentation assembly for Squirrels and Beavers groups. 
       Children enjoyed learning what the group offers, and they are welcome to join open day on the 27th March 24 at the Town Hall, Lydney at 4:30. 
A focus on being safe when out and about has been part of our assembly theme. We have discussed crossing roads and being seen by road users. We need to be seen even on lighter nights. Make sure an adult knows where you are when you are out.  We also looked at being safe when riding our bikes!
Sun safety assembly
We looked at how to be safe now we have some summer!  Children learnt the importance of finding shade, wearing appropriate clothing, sunscreen factor 30, hats and needing to stay hydrated (water is the best for this).  
We watched a clip and talked about how we could protect ourselves. 
Library Summer Challenge 
Lydney Library reading challenge assembly took place. The children were very excited to be able to visit the library and take part in the challenge related to sports. They can record the books they borrow and for each 3 books there is an award.  Sign up for the challenge from the13th July 24.